How I Control My Anxiety

There are surprises everyday.  We got a nice one today.  I woke up this morning and there’s this puppy whining and trying to get into the gate.  She’s so little.  And precious.  My goodness.  My weakness. We’re going to take care of her until we find her owners. My anxiety has been high lately.  It’s […]

Just To Be Clear

  And if following your heart and soul involves quitting your job, then so be it. I wanted to write about this because I was talking to my mom once about the blog and what I write about and me quitting my job, and she asked why am I telling people to quit their job? […]

The Root of Anxiety

                        Negative beliefs.  That is the root of anxiety.  Change your negative beliefs to positive beliefs and you’ll get rid of your anxiety.  This is what I have learned through dealing with my own anxiety and studying what others have experienced. Anxiety comes from […]