My Purpose, God

My purpose God, I don’t know. I hope one day you show me. Tell me, all this will be worth it. Tell me, I’m not wasting time. This year has been tough. It’s hard to sit and wait. They all tell me DO something I AM – I’m listening to God. No, DO something they […]

Forced Internet Detox?

Helllllooooo!  I’ve been gone awhile.  Not intentionally.  After pet sitting at my friend’s for a week, I decided to go out to Illinois to visit my dad.  I’ve been out here for the past two weeks, but without internet.  My dad finally got it connected a couple of days ago.  It was forced internet detox […]


I’m going to share with you how I’m learning to love myself.  I’m not a doctor in any way.  This is my personal story and what I’ve learned through life experience and reading and what has worked for me.  Maybe this might work for you too. Self-hatred started pretty young for me.  I always thought I had […]

Listen To Your Soul

    No one has to run around with their head chopped off trying to figure out what to do…trying to figure out life.  Be still.  Learn to listen to your soul.  Your intuition. God will guide you through your soul.  All you have to do is have the faith to ask.  Ask and listen […]

Pet Sitting, My Brain, Gary Oldman, & Moving On

So for the next week, it’ll be me, seven dogs (six Chihuahuas and a Sheltie), and two cats (no idea).  I’m pet sitting at my friend’s parent’s house.  I have nothing to do for an entire week except play with animals (and break up fights). ONE WHOLE WEEK to myself!  Do you think my brain […]