Not Alone

With animals, no. In nature, no. With God, not anymore. But with humans, yes. Since I can remember, I’ve always felt different. I’ve always felt alone. It’s mostly my own choosing. My own fear. Opening up gets you hurt. But if I want to connect, I have to have the courage to open up, to […]

The Heart

The heart is a strange thing. It will get betrayed, lied to, stomped on, ripped apart, torn to pieces, and still want to turn around and give you a hug. When do you get mad?! I want you to get mad. -Sonja Jackson, OpenHeartTin  

Conflicted Feelings

If you didn’t leave so cold-hearted like you did, I wouldn’t be here writing, spilling my heart out about it. No, I would never wanna go through it again, But you leaving made me have to pause, go within. I had a lot of growing up to do, that’s clear, now I see, But what you did […]

Clouds and Hearts

  Most of my life sadness and anger were two emotions I didn’t express.  They both pushed people away.  Sadness was seen as weak and anger would get you yelled at. So I learned to suppress them.  The only time I expressed anger was when I couldn’t hold it in anymore.  And that usually ended […]

Me and My Head

When is life going to change, God? I’m tired of waiting. Sitting here with my thoughts all day. Never in my life, have I, spent so much time, inside my head. Can’t keep busy, ‘Cause I ain’t got nothing, to keep me busy. Just me and my head. Me and my head. And some paper and a […]