Answer to Happiness Pt. 2


I’ve been thinking about my ‘Answer to Happiness’ post I wrote the other day and I still think doing what your soul wants is the key to happiness but I wanted to add a couple of other things that I think contribute to happiness.  1.  Not being attached to anything and 2. Being okay with change.  We can enjoy relationships (romantic, platonic, family, pets) and love the people and animals in our lives but we can’t depend on them for our emotional and mental well-being.  Because once they leave, which they will one day, our whole world is gone.  Something I learned the hard way.  Just like with jobs, a car, money, any material stuff, if we are attached to it, once it leaves so do we in a sense.  So we have to love and enjoy it while we have it but not be attached to it.  Know that any second it could leave.

And I think being okay with change comes when we don’t worry when a situation will be over but instead just embracing the situation as it is.  Day by day.  It all happens for a reason.  Have faith that it will be okay, think about what we want instead of thinking about what we don’t want, and just enjoying what we have in front of us. And part of being okay with change is letting go of attachments.

By Sonja Jackson, OpenHeartTin


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