Things I’ve Learned That Have Changed My Life


1.  Anxiety comes from fear.  Negative thoughts and beliefs.  It’s your body’s way of protecting you.  But sometimes, a lot of the times, there is nothing to be afraid of and your body and mind go into fear mode.  It makes life crappy because you feel like you have no control.

2.  Meditating helps quiet the negative thoughts running in your mind.  It also helps you learn what your fears are so you know when they’re being triggered.  It brings awareness.  Awareness helps control anxiety.

3.  If you catch yourself in a negative thinking spiral or just thinking, period – stop and say “thinking”.  And continue on. (Pema Chodron)

4.  Anything we ignore – thoughts, fears, feelings – will stay  and pester us until we acknowledge them.

5.  When there is something you have no control over, let go and give it to God. Pray.

6.   Worrying does no good.  It’s just thinking about what you don’t want.

7.  You deserve to be happy.  If you’re not, figure out why.

8.  Writing clears your mind.

9.  “Why?” is a very important question.  Don’t just do stuff because, ask yourself why you’re doing it.  Ask yourself why you do anything.

10.  Nature heals.  Go be with it.

11.  Talk to God daily.  And not just when you want something.

12.  Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.   If you want love, you have to give yourself love.

13.  Treat others the way you want to be treated.  Give love, listen, don’t expect others to be perfect.

14.  We are all flawed.

15.  Sadness, anger, and anxiety are not something to be ashamed of.  They tell you when something in you needs attention.

16.  We were all once innocent little babies.

17.  Let go of the past.  You do that by healing old, childhood wounds.  You do that by acknowledging how you feel when you are triggered, forgiving and meditating.

18.  You are a soul.  Listen to it, your intuition.  It’ll guide you in life.

19.  Love everyone just as much as you love your significant other and family.

20.  If you see the same numbers all the time, that’s your spirit guide/angels talking to you.  Look up the number.

21.  We all have a purpose.  If you haven’t figured it out, you’ll figure it out when the time is right.

22.  Let the people in your life be themselves, let them be free.  You don’t like to be controlled.  Don’t control others.  But if they are harming you/themselves and you don’t agree with what they’re doing, share your opinion, let them know and/or let them go.

23.  Stop chasing material stuff for happiness.  It’ll give you temporary worth.  Happiness is an inside job.  When you love yourself, that’s long-term worth.

24.  Be okay with how your life is right now.

25.  You don’t have to suffer with anxiety or depression for the rest of your life.

26.  Be grateful for what you do have.

27.  See  how your friends and family are doing.

28.  It’s okay to say no.

29.  It’s easier to not be a people-pleaser when you love yourself.  You’re a people-pleaser because you want love.  If you give yourself love, you don’t have to worry about pleasing others for love.

30.  You have a lot of negative beliefs that were shoved into your head since you were a baby.  Learn what they are.

31.  You are never alone even if you feel like it.  Talk to God, angels, nature, the universe.

32.  Have faith that everything happens for a reason.

33.  Karma exists.

34.  That feeling you feel right when you want to “run away” from it, feel it.

35.  Communicate.  No one knows what you’re thinking.

36.  Do what makes you happy.

37.  You deserve respect.

38.  Everyone has a different journey.  Don’t compare.

39.  Everyday is not a happy day.  Some days you’ll be sad and it’s okay.  Those are the days you need to give yourself extra love.

40.  There are so many things in life that distract you from getting to know your true self.

41.  Crying feels good.  It takes a lot of negative energy out of your body.

42.  Practice what you preach.

43.  Sometimes you get visions in your head that you can’t really explain to people.

44.  Life will not go the way you planned.  It might go even better.  Faith.

45.  You are important.

46.  Your needs are important too.

47.  Pretending to be happy doesn’t do you any good.  Get to the pain and heal it.

48.  Change happens all the time.  Get used to it.

49.  Instead of worrying about when a situation is going to be over, take it one day at a time.

50.  Forgive yourself for allowing others to treat you like crap.

51.  You don’t have to be perfect to be loved.

-Sonja Jackson, OpenHeartTin

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