Keep The Faith

It’s hard to follow your heart when there is doubt-
Doubt and criticism from others.
Because then you begin to doubt yourself.
Maybe they’re right?
I don’t know if it makes me sad that they don’t believe me
and I feel alone on this journey,
Or am I sad because they don’t have faith in You?
There is no faith.
I’m lazy, useless, crazy, selfish, wrong.
I’ve heard it all.
Nicer words, of course.
Or even no words at all.
It’s the disappointed look on their faces.
The frustration.
I won’t let their doubts and words make me lose faith.
Help me God, help them, keep the faith.
We do, do, do.
We have to control everything.
It’s all we as humans do.
Sometimes we need to let it come to us.
Have faith.
Let our soul, our intuition guide us.
That’s what my soul says.
Be patient.
Let it come to you.
Keep the faith.

-Sonja Jackson, OpenHeartTin

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