What’s a realistic dream?
‘Cause I get the impression sometimes that I’m
not realistic.
Here, dreams are for others.
Dreams are for her.  And dreams are for him.
But for us, no.
We might not think they’re realistic,
but we all have dreams.
I know my dream,
and you know yours.
But is that all they really are?
A fantasy world?
A mind escape?
A thing we do when we sleep?
Well, why can’t my fantasy world
be my real world?
Sometimes I just want to stop trying.
Go back to what I know.
What if this ends up going nowhere?
This crazy dream of mine.
But I keep going.
Not only for me,
but for you too.
Because I don’t want to regret not trying.
And because I want to believe just like you,
dreams aren’t only for her and him,
they’re for you and me too.

-Sonja Jackson, OpenHeartTin

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