Back To The Beginning

I used to be so obsessed with finding my soul mate.  I thought that’s what would make me happy.  It was my life mission.  I honestly remember crying one night, this was my early 20’s, because I was sad everyone around me had met someone and I was still single.  I just knew once I met my soul mate, we’d  be happy and it’d be all rainbows and puppies and sea turtles.  Then I met someone and fell in love and….it ended.  So I’m back to the beginning now.  But it’s funny,  instead of wanting to find someone, now all I want is a peace of mind.  That’s my life mission now haha.  I’ve been traumatized!  I would be perfectly content in a cottage in the woods with my dogs doing what I love.  Never thought I’d feel that way.  Yeah, it’d be nice to have a companion, but it’s not like I NEED A COMPANION OR I’M GOING TO DIE.  And that’s how I was.

-Sonja Jackson, OpenHeartTin

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