Stream of Consciousness: Peace Inside

Below is a stream of consciousness that I wrote this morning in my journal when I was meditating/praying.  This is something I am struggling with inside at the moment.  I didn’t know what to do so I asked.  And God answered.

I’m stuck here
Normally when I don’t want to deal
with something I leave, I runaway
But I have to stay here
Because I have nowhere else to go
And I have to try to live in peace
with people who are
completely different from me
And it angers me that I have
to stay here
And try to get along.
I am listening to the
Beatles – Let It Be on repeat
Why do I have to change myself
to live in peace?
Why don’t they change?
Because I don’t have control over them.
I only have control over myself.
Sonja, you only have control
over yourself
I’m tired of trying to fix people God.
Why can’t I just let them be?
Because I have to live with them.
If their world is chaos, so is
I don’t want chaos.
I want peace.
What does that have to do with
You can still have peace.
There doesn’t have to be peace
outside in order to have peace inside
You have control over that.

-Sonja Jackson, OpenHeartTin

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