Dread Journey: 3 Months

2017-06-14 12.09.47

I don’t know the exact day I started growing dreads, but I know it was about mid-March, so I’ll keep going with that.

I never realized how much I depended on my hair to define me.  I’m growing though.  Not just my hair…inside too.   That makes me happy.  At first when I started this journey, I couldn’t stop thinking about what other people thought when I went into the store.  It’s not really the dreads I worried about,  it’s the being “neat” aspect.  Frizzy, coarse, kinky hair is not high on the popularity charts over here.  I’ve had friends and family comment I should go to a loctician (because it’s not neat).  I don’t want it to be neat.  All I do is wash my hair with shampoo and let my hair do it’s own thing.  I do separate the locs though because I don’t want one big one.  Normally, I’d be hurt, get insecure if someone didn’t approve of me, but when they made the comment about my hair, it didn’t even phase me.  That’s how I know I’m growing.  That makes me so proud.  Over the past three years I’ve been doing so much inside work.  I have nothing physically to prove, but just the way I respond to people now, it took a lot of healing and inside work.  Being able to grow dreads is proof for me that it’s working.

-Sonja Jackson, OpenHeartTin

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