The Root of Anxiety

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Negative beliefs.  That is the root of anxiety.  Change your negative beliefs to positive beliefs and you’ll get rid of your anxiety.  This is what I have learned through dealing with my own anxiety and studying what others have experienced.

Anxiety comes from fear.  For example, if I have a negative belief about death, if I believe it’s a bad thing, I will develop a fear over it.  Anything that causes me to believe I will die will cause my anxiety to kick in. Anxiety is our bodies’ natural defense system.  It’s to protect us from danger.  The problem is not everything will kill us.  It’s our negative beliefs.  So if we think death is a bad thing, and we’re in a situation where we think we’ll die, our anxiety will kick in to protect us.  If we change our negative belief about death into a positive belief (I believe we go into the spirit world when we die, so we aren’t completely gone) then death doesn’t become something to be afraid of, and our anxiety doesn’t kick in.

I have social anxiety.  People with social anxiety have a hard time around people. There’s a negative belief that people will humiliate me, judge me, and if they do, ultimately I will die.  I won’t die, but that’s the negative belief I have programmed in me.  It takes some time to begin to think positively when you’ve been thinking negatively for so long.  But it works.

Whenever your anxiety is triggered, don’t ignore it.  Figure out why.  It’s this overwhelming feeling of unease like something is about to happen. Once you figure out why, change that negative belief into a positive belief and your anxiety should disappear.

I hope this can help someone, and if anyone is confused or has questions, or I’m not making any sense, leave a comment or you can message me

Our mind doesn’t have to control us. ❤  Don’t ignore your anxiety.  It’s your body trying to tell you something.  It needs attention. It needs love.  SELF-LOVE.


-Sonja Jackson, OpenHeartTin

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