Just To Be Clear



And if following your heart and soul involves quitting your job, then so be it.

I wanted to write about this because I was talking to my mom once about the blog and what I write about and me quitting my job, and she asked why am I telling people to quit their job?  I never looked at it that way.  I don’t want anyone to think they should up and quit their job.  I want you to follow your heart and soul.  Your intuition.  Do what makes your soul happy.

I’ve been working since I was about 16.  Lawn care, retail jobs, got a biology degree while working retail, continued working retail jobs, was going into the National Guard but didn’t work out, became a massage therapist.  I’ve been everywhere.  I’ve never known what I wanted to do and with all my jobs there has never been any passion.  My heart has not been in any of it.  Except massage.  I did enjoy the healing aspect of it.  But that’s not how I imagine life.  Jumping from job to job. Family and friends tell me they don’t want to work either, but they have to because of kids, mortgage, etc.  I’m single.  I don’t have kids and I don’t have a mortgage.  Also, I hit a level of unhappiness where I just quit life.  If you ever get to that point, I pray you don’t, you’d probably do the same.  I know how I am when I have a job I’m not passionate about.  I have security.  I lose motivation.  Not having an income motivates me.

I was working as a massage therapist.  I thought about quitting my job way before I actually quit, but I ignored it.  Something a lot of us do.  We ignore what our intuition is telling us.  I’m still learning how to listen to it and trust it.  I don’t want younger folks to think I’m telling them to quit their job.  I’m grateful to be able to stay at home, not everyone can do that.  And believe me, I’ve been let known.

You know how people say “Let go and let God”, that’s what I did.   I let go and I discovered my passion.  THIS.  Motivating people to have faith.  Be themselves.  Accept themselves.  Love themselves.  Flaws and all.  Getting through dark times.  I LOVE IT.  So I don’t regret quitting my job at all.  I’ve gained all kinds of life knowledge.  I fell into a depression, lost my car, my phone, people’s respect, but you know what? I’m doing what makes me happy.  If I can get that message across to people then I feel like I’m living my purpose.

-Sonja Jackson, OpenHeartTin

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