In Harmony

He lived in his own world,
He did not care,
What made her unhappy,
He could not bear.
For it took away from him,
Even if he was the cause,
He’d throw a fit,
In rage of it all.

She, on the other hand,
Hated her world,
The chaos inside,
Threw her life in a whirl.
So she avoided it all,
Took care of others,
Forgetting herself,
Being everyone’s mother.

she learned,
Is the key,
I can’t take care of others,
Without taking care of ‘me’.
And in life,
he will see,
No care for others,
Will leave him,

Don’t do it for the attention,
Don’t do it for their love,
Do it ’cause it’s in your heart,
It’s love from up above.

But what do you do,
When it’s hard to care,
Past trauma has hurt you,
Your heart you can’t share?

True love you deserve,
But first I would heal,
Have faith that one day,
The one for you,
Your heart,
they will steal.

-Sonja Jackson, OpenHeartTin

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