How To Have Faith In Yourself

How do you learn to have faith?  Listen to your intuiton (a.k.a your gut-feeling, your soul, that voice of wisdom, Divine guidance, God), and follow it.  It can be scary but follow it and trust that you will be okay.  Take it day by day and know that when the time is right for anything you will know.  I learned to listen to my intuition through meditation. I started off with guided meditations on Youtube and focusing on objects like candle flames, but then I turned to focusing on my breath and breathing.

When the chatter in your mind is silent and you get out of your head space into your body, you can hear your intuiton (God) better.  Know the difference between following your ego and following your intuition.  When I began my spiritual journey, I had a hard time telling the difference between the two. I read that intuition is love-based and ego is fear-based.  It’s true.  I also learned that your intuition will be what makes you happy.

For example,  I quit my job a year ago.  My ego told me to hold on to my job, but my intuition said let go. It’s not what made me happy.  I was holding on for security.  Same with my ex.  My ego said hold on to him, but my intuition said let him go.  I loved him but I wasn’t happy because he didn’t want the same thing as me.  Almost a year of not talking to my ex,  I got this constant urge to call him.  That was my intuition.  But my ego said don’t call him so I don’t get hurt.  Your ego wants to protect you.  I called him because that’s what made me happy.  I was nervous, but it’s what my heart and soul (my intuition) wanted.  The call went well.  Have faith in yourself.  Believe your intuition.  As long as you have faith in yourself it doesn’t matter if anyone else believes you.

-Sonja Jackson, OpenHeartTin

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