The Waiting List

She’s never been the lovey-dovey type,
or touchy-feely either,
But she’d let you leave and find yourself,
and when you’re ready to settle,
she’d be there.

Some may call it “stupid” on her part,
Heck, even some times she did,
But she’ll tell you, when you’ve found the “one”,
your heart —
it’s like no other guy can steal it.

Loved ones don’t understand her though,
They think she’s heartbroken and obssessed,
But I’ve seen it with my own two eyes,
There’s a connection there that’s nothing like the rest.

She’ll tell herself, “You gotta move on”,
“Living like this is a crime”,
But deep down her heart’s on the waiting list,
She’s finding herself in the meantime.

-Sonja Jackson, OpenHeartTin

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