Sold My Soul

I sold my soul in turn for love
More from you I need
Too much giving, barely receiving
Look at my soul as it bleeds —

out of my body, no “me” in me left
I’ve given you all within
I’m dying inside, I have to let go
and breathe life into my soul again.


At one point in my life, about four years ago, I fell into a SEVERE depression.  I had a breakdown.  I talk about it a lot on here.  It was what began my spiritual awakening journey.  I think there were many reasons to it but the biggest was I wasn’t being true to myself.  Everyone else’s needs and voice were more important than mine.  I would give and give and give to others, do my best to make others happy, but I wasn’t doing the same for myself.  That breakdown forced me to turn to myself and God.  To give myself love.  BALANCE & BOUNDARIES are very important.  I know now when I’m beginning to feel burnt out, I need to come back to myself.  Take care of myself.  Speak what I feel.  Do what makes me happy.  Your needs and your voice are important.  You deserve happiness too.

-Sonja Jackson, OpenHeartTin

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