I Could Be What You Never Were

I want someone who will be there
I want someone who shows they care
I force it on you
And expect you to pull through
But maybe, maybe you can’t

Maybe you’re dealing with too much inside
Maybe you don’t want me to see what you hide
Maybe you think you have to do it on your own
Maybe you’d rather be left all alone

I’m still not sure what’s going on
This lack of love I’ve held on too long
I’ve learned to be the love I need
The pain I’ve held has now been freed

I’m not mad, no, not anymore
I forgive you, I’ve healed this sore
Sometimes I wonder though why I would?
Forgive you after what I’ve been through
I could be vengeful and even the score
Or maybe I could be what you never were
Maybe, just maybe, you need love more

-Sonja Jackskon, OpenHeartTin


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