Anxiety/Worry/Stress Tips


My anxiety tends to be the worse in the morning when I wake up.  There are many things I do to cope with it, but here are a couple of “tricks” I wanted to share.

Do you squeeze your head to hold back thoughts?  I used to be a massage therapist and one reason people have headaches is because they are stressing and squeezing the muscles in their head to death.  If you do that, let go and let your thoughts flow.  You don’t have to attach yourself to the thoughts.  Just let them flow.  You might feel a surge of energy…it might be a little uncomfortable.  Sometimes I’ll even shake from it like I have the chills.  You might even cry.  I have and so have people I’ve massaged.  It’s an emotional release.  If I let go, the thoughts flow away and my anxiety lessens.

Another tip/trick:  this is meditation.  Have you ever stared at a candle flame?  This is what I did when I first learned how to meditate.  It went from staring at candle flames to listening to guided meditations on YouTube to focusing on my breath.  Don’t focus on what’s going on in your head.  Focus on the flame.  You’ll start to see you can have thoughts, but they don’t have to control you.  Let them flow. Meditating allows you to center yourself.  It helps you think from a clear space and not have all these thoughts running wild everywhere.

Below are a couple of other posts I wrote.

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You don’t have to suffer.  Your mind doesn’t have to control you.  You control what you listen to.  Don’t hold the thoughts and feelings back because it will only make it worse, but you choose what you respond to.

-Sonja Jackson, OpenHeartTin

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