In Harmony

He lived in his own world, He did not care, What made her unhappy, He could not bear. For it took away from him, Even if he was the cause, He’d throw a fit, In rage of it all. She, on the other hand, Hated her world, The chaos inside, Threw her life in a […]

Thank You

    This is something I wrote earlier this year.  An old post, but still thankful.  A thank you to God, family, friends, myself (you have no idea how many times I just wanted to run away from myself), and to anyone who has read anything I wrote and supported me.  Thank you.  2017 has […]

Letting Go Of People Who Aren’t Good For Us

It’s hard for me to see the darkness in people.  You could be arrested today for being a serial killer and I would be disgusted but then I would also be thinking “well, what trauma happened to you when you were younger?…What made you that way?”  I don’t know where it comes from.  The amount […]

Dread Journey – 7 months

It’s been awhiiiile.  I haven’t done an update post on my dreads since June and it’s going on 7 months now. Well…it would be 7 months.  I chopped them off today. Ahhhhh!!! It’s time for a change.  I think that’s what it is.  I wanted to wait at least a year, but I’ve been wanting […]