Spiritual Awakening

What is a spiritual awakening? Symptoms, signs & stages 2016 - Afterlife/Dreams/Spirituality http://www.jadestarotreadings.com/spiritual-awakening-signs.html A good description of what you go through during a spiritual awakening!  A lot of old stuff and feelings are brought up.  I'll think I'll be okay one day and then out of nowhere I'll be mad at the world and don't … Continue reading Spiritual Awakening

Things I’ve Learned That Have Changed My Life

  1.  Anxiety comes from fear.  Negative thoughts and beliefs.  It's your body's way of protecting you.  But sometimes, a lot of the times, there is nothing to be afraid of and your body and mind go into fear mode.  It makes life crappy because you feel like you have no control. 2.  Meditating helps … Continue reading Things I’ve Learned That Have Changed My Life