Needing Men For Validation

This is going to be a tough one.  I can already tell.  It’s hard to admit.  It’s easy to look at other people and their faults and their unhealthy behaviors but looking at yourself and acknowledging your own unhealthy behaviors and faults, not so easy.  It knocks that ego way down.  But I’m happy about […]

Spiritual Mentoring & Advice

Have questions?  Need advice?  I will now be offering mentoring and advice through e-mail! SITE LINK: Personal Experience with: Spiritual awakening Meditation Intuition Love/Self-Love Self-Healing Inner Peace Finding purpose/passion Anxiety (Generalized/Social) Depression Overcoming fear Anger Management Abuse (mental/emotional, verbal, narcissistic) Love/Relationship Addiction Co-dependency PTSD Abandonment Loss Life Changes (unemployment/job loss, break-up, parental divorce, moving, death) […]

To The Abandoned And The Abandoners

“I can’t care about you like you care about me.” That was it.  That was the end.  The reason why my ex left after five years of being involved.  Although, I didn’t get that explanation until about eight months later.  He just left.  My biological father, same thing.  He left when I was a baby. […]


I started a patreon finally!   My patreon: Thank you again for all the support.  ❤ I have big ideas and I think together we can truly do something.   -Sonja Jackson, OpenHeartTin