Forever There

For someone who hates the idea of "forever", Who cringes at being "tied down", God sure ain't letting you leave my mind, 'Cause there's no station, no show, no movie, nor town, where your name hasn't yet to be found. -Sonja Jackson, OpenHeartTin

Spiritual Mentoring/Advice (via E-Mail)

  Shop is back open! Have questions?  Need advice?  Not happy with where you are in life?  Fear holding you back?  Suffering from anxiety and/or depression?  After suffering years from anxiety, depression, and codependency, I learned how to heal myself and begin to live the life I was meant to live, my soul purpose, and … Continue reading Spiritual Mentoring/Advice (via E-Mail)

Two Sides

Many philosophers and psychologists have spoken about humans having two sides to their personality.  I believe it.  I believe it because I see it with myself and I see it in others.  There's our "ego" or "shadow/dark" side which is "fear-based" and is believed to have developed as a way of survival and there's our "true-self" … Continue reading Two Sides