Spiritual Mentoring/Guidance (via E-Mail)

  Shop is back open! Have questions?  Need guidance?  Not happy with where you are in life?  Fear holding you back?  Suffering from anxiety and/or depression?  After suffering years from anxiety, depression, and codependency, I learned how to heal myself and begin to live the life I was meant to live, my soul purpose, and … Continue reading Spiritual Mentoring/Guidance (via E-Mail)

Spiritual Mentoring & Advice

Have questions?  Need advice?  I will now be offering mentoring and advice through e-mail! SITE LINK: http://openhearttin.bigcartel.com/ Personal Experience with: Spiritual awakening Meditation Intuition Love/Self-Love Self-Healing Inner Peace Finding purpose/passion Anxiety (Generalized/Social) Depression Overcoming fear Anger Management Abuse (mental/emotional, verbal, narcissistic) Love/Relationship Addiction Co-dependency PTSD Abandonment Loss Life Changes (unemployment/job loss, break-up, parental divorce, moving, death) … Continue reading Spiritual Mentoring & Advice

Going Through Life Changes And A Few Things That I Have Learned

  Not too long after I quit my job, when I still had money, ha, I bought three books by Pema Chodron.  One of them was Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change and that is where I discovered the quote above.  I always loved it and I've kept it with me as a reminder to keep … Continue reading Going Through Life Changes And A Few Things That I Have Learned